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An Open Letter to My Son on My First Mother’s Day

My precious, little one.  In such a short while you have changed my world completely.   While you are a mere 7 months old, it feels like we have shared a lifetime of little giggles and kisses, and that is because I can no longer imagine my life without you.

My heart swells with so much joy and pride, that sometimes it pains me and feels as though it could burst any moment.  I never knew I could love someone this much; and my love for you grows with each passing day so that I sometimes wonder how it is possible.

Everyday is so beautiful with you.  Some days, I do catch myself counting down to bedtime, but then, when you’ve wrestled yourself into a cozy sleep, I will sneak in a cuddle or steal a kiss and listen to your little breaths while you are far away and dreaming.

Oh, little boy!  I can hardly count the ways I love you.  Your little hands reaching out and holding mine.  Your sweet little baby babbles and infectious giggles.  Your bright, gazing eyes that stare so intently and curiously examine the world around you.  Your contagious, gummy smile save for two little teeth.  The gasps you make when you’re excited.  You’re adorably expressive face.  The way you twirl your hair while you eat.  Your earnestness in learning and growing everyday.  Oh, my heart!

My precious, little one.  You are my world!

Love, always & forever,



Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women who love and care for any children in their lives, in any capacity (and those on their own journey to become).  You are all amazing!

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